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Photo of Jacqui Twitchell

Jacqui Twitchell Says...

“I joined Royal Docks Crossfit 12 months ago on a month’s trial, never thinking that I would get hooked on it and still be going up to 5 times a week after nearly a year! Lifting weights was a whole new concept to me as was the intensity of the workouts. My initial concerns were that I had just recovered from injury and that I was noticeably older than the others. However, everything was scaled so that everyone can take part and David (coach) was very knowledgeable about injuries and recovery and gave fantastic advice that meant I could soon take part in everything. At RDCF you are constantly pushed out of your comfort zone ( in my case with some reluctance!) but always with good humour and a genuine desire to keep you motivated and to keep improving. You are guaranteed a lively warm welcome from the coaches as soon as you step into the box and an equally warm welcome from other members.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the comradery and support from other members and the social aspects of the box. RDCF has totally transformed my physique and I am 14 kilos lighter, am much stronger and more importantly have regained my confidence in my physical abilities.”

Photo of Kweku Bennin

Kweku Bennin Says...

“They say sometimes in life you should think outside the box, but from day one inside this box I knew that it was a place I would keep coming back to. Not only were the coaches friendly at welcoming everyone, but they also did pretty well to remember names and shout each person out as they came in for their session. They do a brilliant job at coaching, so no matter what your level you’re pushed to the best of your ability, and before you know it you’re hitting PB’s and doing things you never thought your body could do. The friendliness of the coaches is contagious and is even more evident in the community of its members. It’s probably been said many times before, but it really does feel like a family, who just so happen to train together and are always rooting for each other during every workout. The facilities are great and the box is next to spotless: testament to David and his dedication to providing the best for his athletes. With this much care going into the space and the wonderful people, it’s no wonder why I keep coming back! I’m proud to think and train inside this box.”

Photo of Lina Olea

Lina Olea Says...

“New to London led me to being a little lost and stumbling into this wonderful gym. Having never tried Crossfit before, it was a little bit intimidating but after only two months I feel so much fitter. Proof - I can now do a 10k run and the last time I was able to do this was 15 years ago! Thank you David and the Royal Docks team for being the #bestgyminlondon.”

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Leah Williamson Says...

Royal Docks CrossFit is really great! I hadn’t exercised in years, I had literally no level of fitness and I thought there was no way I would be able to do this intense type of workout. I now love going and I surprise myself each time at what I can do. I feel great after each WOD and fitter day by day. David and the team are very welcoming and always encouraging. I would recommend Royal docks crossfit to anyone who wants to feel amazing!

Photo of T-shirts

Sophia Smith Says...

“I train regularly to improve body composition and fitness. Last year I hit a plateau and was growing bored with going to a conventional gym. I’d heard about CrossFit and curious to find out more I joined Royal Docks CrossFit.

I was instantly impressed by the accessible location, facilities and quality of coaching at RDCF. The workouts are varied, challenging and fun, with an emphasis on progressively developing skill and maintaining excellent form. The RDCF staff and members are welcoming, creating a genuine and friendly environment to train in.

My cardio fitness has improved; I’m leaner, stronger and more proficient at lifting. Training at RDCF has also positively benefited my conventional gym based training, which I now approach with greater intensity and focus than ever before. “

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