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Photo of David Marshall

David Marshall

David’s athletic background lies mostly with Rugby where he played professionally for 4 years. Alongside his playing career David studied Coaching and Sport science at university as well as coaching rugby at junior and University level. Prior to opening RDCF David worked as the Assistant Academy Manager at Blackheath Rugby club. In his earlier years David was a practicing martial artist holding a black belt in TaeKwon Do.

David first discovered CrossFit in 2012 whilst living in Brisbane Australia. Following a move to London he set out to become an Affiliate owner with the goal of building the best box in London. He wants nothing more than RDCF to have a flourishing community filled with like-minded awesome people!

Photo of Ben Breen

Ben Breen

My involvement with CrossFit began in 2011 whilst playing rugby in the Royal Air Force and being introduced to the sport by a team member. After watching many YouTube videos and practicing my snatch technique in front of my bedroom mirror I stepped into my first CrossFit box. In February 2012 I joined CrossFit Nottingham and developed a passion for the training methodology behind CrossFit and completed my CrossFit Level One Certification Course shortly after in 2012. When executed with precision, I believe CrossFit is the best fitness programme available, not only to develop physically but to develop as an individual too.

I became part of Royal Docks in the spring of 2017, splitting my time between coaching, training and working on my degree in chiropractic. I aim to combine my knowledge of CrossFit the training methodology along with my knowledge of human anatomy and function.

Photo of Bart Koch

Bart Koch

Bart is RDCF’s longest serving coach! originally joining Royal Docks CrossFit as a member in February 2015 before graduating to coach!

Originating from Poland, Bart’s athletic background began in downhill mountain biking and mixed martial arts before discovering CrossFit in 2013.

Bart hold’s numerous coaching certs including CF-L2 and CF Weightlifting. Following a sabbatical to Sri Lanka Bart earned the title of Sri Lanka’s fittest man!

An extremely popular coach, Bart’s weekend sessions are thing of legend!

Photo of Dan Showkum

Dan Showkum

Dan joined the RDCF team in January 2016, Originating from the South East, Dan is a CrossFit Level 2 coach as well holding his cert in CrossFit Mobility.

Dan is a true CrossFit enthusiast! In addition to his full-time role at RDCF he also splits his time as one of the co-owners of Project Novo in his native Hastings. Dan is an exceptional coach with a true passion for his craft.

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